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The Launceston City Council has a role
to play in welfare by assisting,
and lobbying.

Local Government,particularly in a
small community like Launceston is
close to the community that it serves
unlike other tiers of government,
who are further removed from the
grassroots battlers.

It is for this reason that local
councils are best placed to be
providing support for it's citizens
dependent on welfare.

There are some families and
individuals in Launceston who have not
been provided for adequately by the
Tasmanian and Australian
Welfare Departments.

These people have needs which the
Launceston City Council is best
placed to help.

I hope to be able to supply some
details of actual cases of people on
welfare who are finding it tough.
Naturally identities will be protected.

Council can provide an advocacy service
for it's low income citizens through the
employment of full time welfare advocates
to be based at the Town Hall Service Centre.
These advocates would work closely with
Council's Youth Development Officer who was
first appointed in the 1999-2000
financial year.

An increased allocation should be provided to
the Council's Community Assistance Programme
to allow for emergency relief payments.

Council should be more forceful and persuasive
when dealing with the Tasmanian and Federal
Governments so that they appreciate the true
nature of the welfare crisis as it exists in

Council is well placed to empower local
self help groups through the provision of
office accommodation and secretarial support.

Councils Economic and Business Development
Committees ought to be assisting people on
welfare into new enterprises.

The TPI payment from 1917 to 1972 averaged about 95% of the basic wage/adult weekly earnings. It has eroded in value - it is now only about 46% of Male Total Average Weekly Earnings (MTAWE).

Launceston City Council's advocacy and emergency relief service should provide support to the TPI vets in their campaign for a decent standard of living.

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