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Street Safe
A safe Launceston is a healthy and prosperous Launceston!!!!

It is pleasing that the Launceston City Council ,police ,and the broader Launceston Community are entering into a partnership for a streetsafe CBD.

On the Streetsafe bus,October 15,2002
Read the Examiner report of the launch

Perhaps the programme ought to include Safety Rooms to be modelled on the safety house programme in residential areas of Launceston.

In conjunction with the safety rooms there could be the placement of Direct dial phones to taxi companies and the police operation room throughout the city.

Many years ago there were free taxi phones,which meant taxis knew to come to an unattended rank.

This would make people more comfortable about waiting on the street for a cab at night.

Very likely the necessary lines are still in place from these old phones and all that is required is reconnecting.

More frequent bus services, especially at night would also reduce the danger to people waiting around on bus stops.

streetsafe seniors
a programme developed in NSW in 1999

Making Launceston streets safe has to be tackled in the short term as well as looking to long term solutions.

Council should be making it attractive for it's residents to live in the central city area,because where there is a busy residential population anti-social  aspects of city life tend to disappear.