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Launceston's heritage is a great asset
which is reflected in the large number
of original buildings and features

Recently a poll was conducted
on elaunceston regional portal
to determine whether we
should allow signage on
heritage buildings, eg the proposed
neon sign for Postreos cafe in the old
post office?

Early polling is leaning towards
allowing the signage,however each
application must be considered on
it's merits.

I believe that all signage and additions to
heritage buildings should be open for
public representation.

We can not expect our local government
representatives and employees to be totally
correct in their approaches every time a
development or building application is
submitted to Council.

The neon sign for Postreos may be able to
be accommodated on the old post office
without detracting significantly from the
building's heritage character,but by
placing it there are we are creating a
possibility that further intrusions will be
made easier?

The National Trust and Heritage Council,
similarly may not always get it right.

The approach that ought to be taken by the
Launceston City Council when receiving
representations on the various issues that
it has to consider on a daily basis should
be to allow maximum access to Officers and
Aldermen of Council to all , regrettably
the Launceston City Council actually takes
the minimal approach and constantly refers
to "The Local Government Act" as if it is
"The Bible and can not be varied upon or amended.

However when it suits the Launceston City Council,
it does overlook the act, pity they are not able
to when the public interest can be advantaged.

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